What is GrowBuddy?

GrowBuddy is the ultimate cannabis grow journal app that helps record plant life cycle and empowers growers with historical data to make informed decisions.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by visiting Forgot Password and entering your email address.

Can you use GrowBuddy offline?

Yes you can. Only the desktop and tablet versions can be used offline. When GrowBuddy is used offline data syncing between devices is disabled.

Do you track where I am located?

GrowBuddy does not track user location. That is one the reasons you don’t see any ads in the app. We also strip all metadata off all photos added to the system and delete all IP address every 24 hours.

Does GrowBuddy use my data?

GrowBuddy does not sell any of your personal garden data. The only way your garden data is made public is if you choose to share it.

Why doesn’t GrowBuddy cost money?

We believe that everyone in world should be able to grow their cannabis and be good at it. That is why we offer GrowBuddy for free, don’t place ads in the app, and believe in your privacy. We make money when people purchase products through our Marketplace and ads on our websites. In the future we be releasing advanced “pro features” that will cost a small monthly fee.

Can I share my garden information with other users?

Currently you can share your garden information on Case Files to get help from other growers. You will soon be able to share your journal and photos with others.

Does my information sync between my devices?

All your garden information will sync between devices when you use GrowBuddy online. All data is encrypted before it gets sent and is also encrypted on both our servers and your devices.

Is my information secure?

Yes, very secure. All of your data is encrypted and stored locally on your computer if you use GrowBuddy offline. If you use GrowBuddy online, all of your data is encrypted on your devices and on our servers.

What devices does GrowBuddy work on?

GrowBuddy works on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Can I have multiple users on a garden?

Not at this time. This will be a paid “pro feature” in the future.

Can I have more than one garden?

You will be able to add another garden to your account in the near future. Additional gardens will be a paid GrowBuddy pro feature.

Can I buy grow equipment through GrowBuddy?

You can purchase everything you need to get up and growing here on the GrowBuddy Marketplace

Can I import pre-loaded nutrient schedules into my garden?

You are able to add premade nutrient schedules from some of the largest and best companies out there through the GrowBuddy marketplace.

Can I buy seeds through GrowBuddy?

Right now there is a catalog of strains you can add to your garden. Soon you will also be able to purchase seeds through our affiliates.

Can I donate money to GrowBuddy?

You sure can! Everything we have built has been self funded and we appreciate any and all donations.


Do you teach people how to grow?

GrowBuddy does not teach you how to grow amazing cannabis. We provide you the most important tool in your garden. But don’t worry, you have the support of the GrowBuddy community to help you. Check out our Case Files and Marketplace for support and supplies.

Can I use GrowBuddy for a small garden?

GrowBuddy was designed for the home grower, but will accommodate a garden of any size. It has been used in gardens as small as 1 plant to large commercial facilities with upwards of 10,000 plants.

Can I use GrowBuddy to manage a commercial garden?

GrowBuddy can be used to manage a commercial facility. The app was originally designed for the home grower but we are constantly making improvements to make it friendlier for the commercial growers.

Is GrowBuddy available in any other languages?

GrowBuddy is currently only available in English.

If you grow, you journal. At least we always have. We had waterlogged nutrient schedules and notebooks that we used to keep track of everything we did in our garden. What we learned from those journals has helped us produce some of the cleanest, strongest and most consistent flower in the state.

We did find that keeping good, usable records was quite difficult. Whether it was forgetting to write something down or the notes being indistinguishable, it didn’t matter. We lost some data which ultimately slowed us down.

We decided to create GrowBuddy help us keep better intelligence on our grow. We shared it with a few friend, and then a few more and so on. It was so popular, we released a beta to the app stores in late 2014. Since then, we’ve quickly grown to be the largest grower app in the world.

GrowBuddy is free. And we intend to keep it that way. We’d like to thank all of those who have donated to help keep us going. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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