Once Upon A Plant: Four Wise Investments for the Green Grower

Posted by Brittany Anas on June 19, 2017

New to the grow world? Welcome to greener pastures.

If you’re a newbie pot grower, you’re probably on information overload. (Be sure to check out our guide on common mistakes new growers make).

But, before you start considering strains or experimenting with wet vs. dry-cured cannabis, you’ll need to start with the basics, including a few quality investments.

We tapped Brian Delight, a commercial grower and GrowBuddy user, for some expert advice. Once you’re ready to shop, check out the GrowBuddy marketplace.

1. A GrowBuddy Journal.

The marijuana grow journal app is all about tracking and darn good data. What’s working? What’s not? GrowBuddy tells you and can truly set you up for success. But, Growbuddy is also a great resource for first-time growers because you can join conversations and get peer support from peeps eager to share advice. Plus, the app is free. Delight says a lot of what he read in instructional books just wasn’t interactive enough, especially in this evolving industry. Rather, he credits GrowBuddy and their forums with his success.

2. A humidity and temperature monitor.

Controlling the climate for your cannabis is key, Delight explains. To help with that, you’ll want a device not only for grow-space temperature, but humidity too.

Part two of this investment, will be investing in a fan or an air conditioning unit to help control your climate. Delight says cannabis (generally) will thrive in an environment that’s 40 to 60 percent humidity and prefers temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees.

3. A pH probe and electrical conductivity meter.

Sounds technical, huh. But knowing your soil acidity (AKA soil pH) will help you decide on the proper feeding schedule for your plants, Delight explains. The pH level is the perfect tool for understanding how your plants absorb nutrients. University extension programs can give you a general idea of what soil is like in your area. But a pH probe will help you get nerdy about it, with nuanced numbers.

Similarly, an electrical conductivity meter shows how well the soil water can carry an electrical current. You might remember this from high school chemistry: Required nutrients are either positively charged ions known as cations or negatively charged ions known as anions. When these ions are dissolved into your soil’s water, they carry an electrical charge. The electrical conductivity (or EC) can be a good indicator of the nutrients available to your marijuana crop.

“Both of these devices are important to get your nutrients correct,” Delight confirms.

4. A grow light.

Don’t skimp on this one. “A cheap light isn’t going to get you the results you’re looking for,” Delight says. A pro tip? Opt for a LED light. The lower-energy, efficient lights will help temper your energy bill. It’s also a good idea to invest in full-spectrum lights because plants need different light wavelengths to photosynthesize.

Investments can seem expensive, but when you choose wisely, the ROI can be pretty cool.