Once Upon A Plant: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your GrowBuddy Journal

Posted by Brittany Anas on May 31, 2017

When Brian Delight started growing marijuana four years ago, he was a newbie. At that time, his facility used just 25 lights and he had about 1,500 square feet of canopy, which is the area the plants take up.

But the business has scaled considerably since then. Today, there’s over 600 lights and 10,000 square feet of canopy.

The one constant success factor across the past four years? Delight’s GrowBuddy Journal. “I went straight into commercial cannabis growing, and I started using GrowBuddy right off the bat,” he says. “It’s been such an important part of my growing career, and it’s contributed to my success.”

Are you new to the GrowBuddy community? Here are some tips from Delight.

  • Track, track, track: And then track some more. Delight says he’s been tracking nutrients and other data for the past four years, which has amassed him a pretty darn informed database. You see, GrowBuddy maintains all your data digitally so you don’t get bogged down with paper journalswhich would just get wet and dirty anyways. “It allows us to keep things much more organized. Plus it tracks results based on the nutrients and other data so we can look for trends,” Delight also uses his journal to delegate tasks.
  • Take photos: The purpose is two-fold. “If you’re a visual person, it’s a great way to document progress,” Delight says. You can use the photos to compare your harvests. But, if something is going awry with your plants say the lower leaves are turning yellowyou can post the photo and GrowBuddy users help identify the issue (in this case, likely a nitrogen deficiency) and recommend a fix.
  • Connect with the community: GrowBuddy is a great way to connect with other growers. You’ll find an enthusiastic crowd eager to share their knowledge. “It’s awesome to celebrate success with a group of people who really get it,” Delight says. “There’s so much knowledge out there being shared, too.” Because users have different specialities, Delight says, you get a little bit of everything: organic soil mixtures, hydroponics and more.
  • Pose or answer questions: One of the Delight’s favorite features of GrowBuddy is the Q & Ar forum. Users can “up-vote” answers, like you would on Reddit, to move the best answers to the top.
  • Use the Grower’s Marketplace: Whether you need seeds, nutrients or lights, you can shop the Grower’s Marketplace to shop for supplies, read product reviews and add products on a calendar, recording it all, of course, in your journal.