WeedWord: 4 Things to Do With Marijuana – Aside from Just Smoking It

Posted by Brittany Anas on May 15, 2017

It’s time to think outside the joint. Or the vaporizer, bong, (insert your favorite smoking device here). Cannabis culture goes far beyond just smoking marijuana, with all types of creative marijuana-centric businesses cropping up. Plus, some businesses are fusing marijuana with most loved hobbies. (Case-in-point: the “puff-and-paint” classes in Colorado, which, we’re thinking just might get your groove on more than sipping and painting does).

If you’re already smoking marijuana, here’s four more ways you can celebrate cannabis culture. Some will even help you reap cannabis health benefits.

Get a Cannabis Massage

The purpose of a massage? Stress and pain relief. So why not supercharge your experience by including cannabis oils and topicals? Cannabis has proven itself as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory agent, with a large body of medical research to back that up.  Now, many massage therapists in states where marijuana is legal are using cannabinoids to help target sore muscles or other trouble areas. (Here’s GrowBuddy’s breakdown of where weed is legal). We’ll go ahead and answer the burning question: No, these marijuana massages won’t get you high. But, they’re certainly relaxing and soothing.

Take a Cannabis Cooking Class

Cooking with cannabis goes far beyond pot brownies (though we’re not knocking those). In fact, we’re seeing gourmet cannabis cooking classes sprout up in states where pot is legal. In Colorado, you can take classes that fuse marijuana with anything from salad dressings to root beer floats. In Washington, you can learn how to make pot bruschetta. Chef Ricky Flickenger told Seattle Magazine that THC tends to bind to fats, so try dissolving it into your favorite oil. Just imagine the reach of a cannabis-infused olive oil in stir-frys and pasta sauces. For the home chef, Amazon has plenty of cannabis cookbooks, including one from High Times with 50 recipes like Sativa Shrimp Spring Rolls and Pineapple Express Upside Down Cake.

Brew Some Weed Tea

Why not have a 4:20 afternoon tea party? You can harness the health benefits of both tea and cannabis by making your own. Leafly has a recipe for a cannabis tea latte, which calls for a little bit of coconut oil to help extract the THC. You can even use a hemp milk for the recipe.

Get Crafty with Your Crop Stems

Wait, growers! Don’t toss those stems.  Hat tip to Herb for this genius idea: Sharpen the ends of your leaves with a knife, soak them in water overnight and then use them as skewers for your kabobs. You could also make a marijuana tincture (you’ll need whole-grain alcohol) or create pretty hemp paper.