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GrowBuddy empowers you to stop guessing and start using the power of data to guide your indoor marijuana grow.
Record your grow so you can maximize your yields, minimize your failures and duplicate your success.

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Manage your marijuana grow


Manage all your marijuana plants by age, growth stage, strain, and quickly record waterings.


Manage your plants by strain or nickname. View the lifespan of your plant, the date it started each stage, its estimated harvest date, and a lot more.


Create a virtual list of all your nutrients to quickly create custom nutrients schedules and easily tweak your feeding on the fly.

Nutrient Schedules

Create custom nutrients schedules to account for variations in strains, grow mediums, and room conditions, allowing you to grow the dopest dope you’ve ever smoked.


Get to know your plants better by keeping track of your strains, their descriptions, flowering lengths, and genetics all in one place.


Keep a record of everything your plants are grown in; Soil, coco, rockwool, hydro corn, or your own custom blend.


Keep all of your notes in one place, no more scribbling on whiteboards or messy journals. GrowBuddy organizes all of the notes for your garden, crops, and plants in one place to easily find every note.


Never forget a thing again. Create a single or repeating task for your garden, crop, or plant so you can stay on top of your grow.


Review all of your past grows in a day by day grow journal. View all the feedings, notes, and tasks to maximize your future yields and minimize your losses.

Quickly record waterings with just a few clicks

Single crop/plant watering

GrowBuddy will automatically pull the correct nutrient schedule and week for the plant or crop, whether its in clone, vegetative, or flowering stage.

Multiple crop watering

Quickly record waterings for multiple crops with just a few clicks using the muilti-crop watering feature.


Never add the wrong amount of nutrients again, GrowBuddy will do all the calculations for you.


Easily view past feedings while watering to keep your plants free of deficiencies.

Application features


Sleep soundly at night knowing that all information is encrypted and securely stored to prevent any unauthorized access. We got your back. Encrypted style.


Sync all of your data between Mac and PC so you always have it when you need it. Soon to be on Android and iOS.

Online/Offline Mode

Manage your grow anywhere, anyplace, anytime, online and offline.