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We know the exhilaration and frustration of growing. There is a lot going on in your garden. Keeping a journal is the best way measure and repeat successes while avoiding failures.

  • Anonymous
  • Encrypted on device
  • Easily see age & stage
  • nutrient schedules
  • room environmentals
  • dry/cure
  • photos by week
  • month view
  • tasks
  • feeding history
  • harvest comparison
  • manage mothers w/ clone count
  • organized by plant-crop-room-garden
  • social features

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Research all the latest products and reviews, then easily add them to your garden for accurate recording.

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Case Files

The true place for answers

Let's face it, it sucks trying to find good information specific to your garden. So we built a better way to share and find answers.

  • It's a Q&A Forum
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  • Easily add journal data to questions
  • Best answers are voted to the top
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